Keyword Research

What is keyword research?

Quite simply, it is an attempt by a search engine marketer to gather data about what users are typing into search engines in a particular field, niche or subject matter. Using a utility such as Google Keyword Tool allows one to gather data about specific keywords… this tool even allows one to get an approximation of the number of people who search for a term per month. This is valuable data, as it directly correlates with what someone in a given industry would need to provide information about on their website in order to attract people searching for those keywords.

This is a standard starting point for any individual who is providing search engine optimization services… it gives them an idea of what people are looking for, and how many people are looking for it. From there, the “search engine optimizer” will be able to attempt to design a client’s website so that it will appear among the top results curated by the search engine, thus appearing to a greater number of people who are performing the searches.

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Having grown up in Madison and attended college at St. Norbert in De Pere, Wisconsin, Scott has always been interested in technology. He remembers vividly having cable internet installed at the family home when he was around ten years old (thanks, Mom - we were ahead of the game). What began as a fascination (some may argue that it occasionally leaned toward obsession) with playing video games online, he learned the basics of home networking and how to forward ports on a Linksys router so that he could play with minimal "lag" or delay against opponents across the world. As he got older, his interest in the Internet grew to be more philosophical and subsequently more practical. He also remembers telling his Dad to invest in Google when he was about 12 years old... being a financial analyst, Greg was aware of the latest trends with the Google stock and speculation was that Google had reached it peak. The tech giant proceeded to quadruple its stock valuation in the next year. During college, Scott was known among friends to be entrepreneurial-minded, a trait that was instilled by his father (the wise financial analyst) who owned and operated Gilbert Financial Services, a business he himself had inherited from his father, Robert Gilbert and based in Stoughton, Wisconsin. As market stability and health declined in the 00s, Greg was becoming increasingly unsatisfied with his position in the financial services industry and began looking for an alternative business to become involved in. With Greg's experience and Scott's tech-savvy, Gresco Marketing was born. Scott has personally created, financed and managed Facebook advertising campaigns, created successful web deployments for e-commerce and local businesses alike. He enjoys the challenge of creating novel solutions for a wide variety of businesses in the constantly changing field of Internet marketing.

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