“The work you choose to do does not matter - what matters is that you do it with altruism and positivity.”

May 2016


My name is Scott, and I have a keen philosophical interest in understanding and solving problems. You could even call it love. I'm very passionate, anyway.

Solving problems makes me happy.

Solving problems for other people makes me even happier.

We all want to make the world a better place. We all want to make things better.

This is how I do it:

I connect people with the ideal solution to their problems.

Sometimes, that solution is another team. Sometimes it’s a software or a tool. Maybe you already know the solution, but you haven’t been asked the right question yet. I will help you ask the right questions.

It’s foolish to think I could solve any problem - I can’t! But. I do have a really good knack for finding the person or thing or thought that can. And that’s what I love doing.

I have a broad knowledge of technology, computers, internet, “IT”, marketing, esoterica, philosophy, psychology, English, music, film, art, advertising and business. I also seek harmony in all relationships. I genuinely, deeply care about people. This makes me a good person to do business with.

My specialties are computers and digital marketing. I grew up teaching myself how to use the computer. When I was about ten years old, our family was one of the first on the block to have cable Internet. I spent a lot of time on ‘ol World Wide Web. I had to learn how to circumvent my parent’s password protection (“go outside!” or “have you finished your homework?”) on the computer at one point.  
My parents are proud that I’ve grown up to use my powers for good.

I am good... at understanding a wide variety of the problems and challenges faced by people and businesses. My technical knowledge and people skills enable me to maintain an impressive network of excellent teams, individuals, systems and tools.

I defined my life’s purpose when I was pretty young. Then I forgot about it. Now, I look back at my teenage self and recognize that at least I was wise about this:

“Be happy and have fun - and help others to do the same.”

Connecting people and solving problems make me very happy.

Tell me about a problem you or your company is facing, and I’ll try to find the ideal solution for you. If the solution I find helps your business be more profitable (or, more importantly, makes you and your customers lives better) then I’ve done my job.

To happiness and success,

Scott Gilbert